Friday, November 13, 2009

Mitered Squares

I have been watching so many of my friends working on the mitered square throws/blankets, I had planned to give it a try myself one day soon. When I saw this knitted collar, I knew it was the perfect project for me to venture into the world of mitered squares. The pattern is called the Chancellor's Collar, check it out, it knits up quite fast, I'm nearly done. I've used some of my own hand spun angora for the collar, I wish now that I had taken the angora all the way down to the large mitered row. I may end up re-knitting that section. Most of the squares are knitted with Noro silk garden lite, but with the small squares, I started mixing it up a bit. I've also incorporated Berroco Sox Metallic in a pink-purple blend and turquoise-sky blue-chartreuse-plum blend. Both sparkle with silver! I will have plenty left over for other projects...maybe I will have to start a mitered square blanket of my own. Goodness knows!

Have a great week! Blessings Friends!


  1. Is it knitted in the round or does it have an open front??
    Looks beautiful.
    I tried a miter square for a blanket where you do two towards the center then the other two to the outside. As a sample I just did one of each and it turned out just right for a baby hat. HA!
    Sure would like to see all your work in person.
    Happy knitting and enjoy that delightful ANGORA.

  2. This was knitted in the round, but I think you could easily knit it flat and use some fun buttons to fasten it closed, toggle buttons, might look cool.


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